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Your resource center for Samsung KNOX solutions.

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How To Install Samsung KNOX

Your IT administrator support group uses a Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Container Management (MCM) console to create the Samsung KNOX Container on the device. Once your administrator has implemented Samsung KNOX for your enterprise, you can set up KNOX on your personal device.

    To set up a KNOX Container account:

  1. Tap KNOX Install Notification (after registering with MCM or MDM), the Samsung KNOX Terms and Conditions are displayed.
  2. Tap I Agree; then tap Next.
  3. Set Timeout value, then set the Container Password and confirm the Password.
  4. Tap Install. Install progress is displayed on your device.
  5. After install completes, tap Launch; alternatively, tap the Samsung KNOX icon to switch to the KNOX Container.


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How It Works

Logging into a KNOX Container
Once a password has been established, you can log into the KNOX Container to access the business environment on your device. The criteria specifying valid KNOX Container passwords are defined using authentication policies specified in your enterprise MCM or MDM system.

    To log into KNOX:

  1. Enter your Password when prompted; then tap Done.
  2. The KNOX Home screen will display as shown in Figure 5.
  3. To exit the Container and return to the personal environment, tap the Personal icon.



Changing the KNOX Container Password

    To Change the KNOX Container Password:

  1. From the KNOX Home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Selecting the Samsung KNOX Settings option from the menu will display the KNOX Settings menu.
  3. Tap Change password.
  4. Enter Old password, New password; then Confirm password.
  5. Tap Save.

About SSO Service
The Samsung KNOX platform includes out-of-the-box SSO support for apps within the KNOX Container. SSO enables authentication with a single account to quickly access a broad range of enterprise services.

sso_noteSSO Service is available as soon as a KNOX Container is created.

Some of the advantages SSO service offers are:

  • Users get a single destination and one-click access to all of their work apps.
  • Eliminates the need for you to remember multiple passwords or create weak, easy-to-remember passwords that don’t meet corporate password policies.
  • Samsung KNOX platform includes SSO support for apps within a KNOX Container which allows enterprises to manage “password sprawl” by using a common set of credentials to access multiple Container apps.

Your enterprise IT administrators can enable the SSO service for all Container apps or just for selected apps using the associated MCM or MDM solution.

sso_noteThe first time you invoke any SSO-enabled app, you are prompted to enter your Active Directory credentials.




Authenticating the Initial SSO Service

    To authenticate the initial SSO service, perform the following steps:

  1. From the KNOX Home screen, tap an App Icon.
    If the SSO service is needed for the application, the Centrify SSO login screen is displayed.
  2. Enter your AD credentials (Username and Password).
  3. Tap the Login button.

Authenticating using SSO enables your credentials for all apps whitelisted in the Centrify SSO service

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Product Guides

Centrify for Samsung KNOX Administrator’s Guide

This book provides the information you need in order to understand, install, and configure Centrify for Samsung KNOX. Centrify for Samsung KNOX is a mobile device, mobile application, and mobile container management solution that uses the Centrify cloud service to secure communications between devices, the Active Directory directory service, and administrator tools.

Centrify for Samsung KNOX Administrator’s Guide

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Centrify for KNOX Datasheet

Centrify for Samsung KNOX provides a secure productivity suite for the industry’s first enterprise-ready mobile solution designed both for work and play. Centrify provides a comprehensive identity and access management and single sign-on solution as a cloud-based service, greatly reducing the dependency on insecure passwords for mobile users and providing IT with a unified solution for managing mobile devices and SaaS apps.

Through their partnership, Centrify and Samsung address the key concerns regarding Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Samsung KNOX — embedded with Centrify technology — is a new Android-based offering designed to let consumers easily separate their work and personal space on their mobile devices, while giving enterprises enhanced security at all levels of the Android platform.


white-paperCentrify for Samsung KNOX – Datasheet Final


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